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  About KW Publisher

  • Kambohwell publisher enterprise is a first company as a registered firm working under the license of Enterprises & Investment Promotion Department (Registrar of Firm), Govt. Of Pakistan with Certificate Registration No. 265---MR/ of 2013-2014.

    The Kambohwell publisher enterprise has been entirely established with the primary goal of providing comprehensive publishing and consulting services for the valued customers such as authors, research scholars, societies, scientists, readers and libraries in the multidisciplinary research fields throughout the world. Kambohwell publishers offer internet publication in specializing services of online-electronic open access academic journals in engineering, arts, and science, business, social science and medical sciences, committed to technical and senior editorial innovation incorporated premier values of high quality and collaboration. Kambohwell publisher enterprise is a leading self-governing publisher company founded first in scope of delivering a research orientation platform, a career in professional and academic journals. Kambohwell publisher invites researchers from research centers and universities to publish their scientific research work in our refereed journals, as developing online research papers, articles, short review papers, textbooks, and thesis and so on. For the authors, our services intent low cost experienced with the publishing of materials in all major disciplines.