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  • Volume 2018

    A Socio-Technical Survey of Micro Hydro Power Projects in District Shangla, Pakistan
    (International Journal of Engineering Works)

    Vol. 5, Issue 9, PP. 147-153, September 2018
    Keywords: Sustainable development, Micro hydro power plant, Renewable energy

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      Rural electrification requires to be designed in a sustainable way to improve the quality of life of rural communities. Pakistan is facing an acute energy crisis for years now. Pakistan’s energy mix mainly depends on indigenous natural gas and oil. Due to imports of oil and rapid decrease in gas reserves, there is a significant burden on the economy of Pakistan, which has forced the planners and policy makers to look for renewable energy sources. Micro Hydro Power (MHP) is an example of renewable energy which can be sustainable economically, environmentally and socially as Pakistan is rich in micro-hydro power especially the northern side. This paper analyses the outcomes from a field survey which is conducted in district Shangla, KPK Pakistan, where different agencies have implemented different MHP Projects (MHPPs). The quantitative and qualitative analyses have been used for comparing two MHPPs based on electricity tariff, community involvement, effect on the society and other factors. Quite a few issues were found due to lack of knowledge or unskilful operators in maintenance and operation in these MHPPs which are barriers to sustainable development. This research work concludes that these MHPPs requires proper management, quality work and skilful operators to have a sustainable and reliable system for the community. The MHPPs area already contributing significantly in the development of local communities.


    Ahmad Amin: Research Associates, USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan,

    Noor Muhammad: Lab Engineer, USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan,

    Maoz, Research Associates, USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan,

    Saddam Ali, Research Associates, USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan,

    Dr. Abdul Basit, Assistant Professor, USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan,

    Dr. Tanvir Ahmad: Assistant Professor USPCAS-E Uet Peshawar, Pakistan 

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    Ahmad Amin Noor Muhammad Maoz Saddam Ali Dr Abdul Basit and Dr Tanvir Ahmad, "A Socio Technical Survey of Micro Hydro Power Projects in District Shangla Pakistan", International Journal of Engineering Works, Vol 5 Issue 9 PP 147-153 September 2018.


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