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  • Volume 2019

    Block Printing in Sindh, AJRAK and other Contemporaray Products
    (International Journal of Art, Culture, Design and Language)

    Vol. 6, Issue 05, PP. 01-10, May 2019
    Keywords: Block printing, Ajrak, contemporary products, fabrics and patterns

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    The purpose of the study is to record the oldest printing technique hand-block printing and preserve its evergreen product Ajrak which is the traditional textile of Sindh. To find out the reasons of abandoning this traditional craft and to witness the difference in block printing done before and now. Different towns of Sindh were visited and eleven artisans (Ajrak-maker/block-printer and block-maker) were interviewed and a questionnaire was filled. The results illustrate that they are suffering from many problems but one of the major problem is lack of clean water which is badly affecting their business. It was also observed that traditional Ajrak formats and patterns are disappearing as only one or two patterns are mostly used nowadays. Whereas the machine block printing has somehow also affected the traditional craft. Despite all the problems they are still so passionate about this craft that they are training their children as well but there are certain evidences that Ajrak-making may not remain a family business anymore as it may be transferred to outsiders in future. However, they have also invented different contemporary products using various types of fabrics and patterns in hand-block printing according to the demand of the modern world. There may be a good contribution of this research to aware the people of the current situation of the ancient craft and a little effort can save the craft from further vanishing. It may also help the government to identify their problems and fulfill their basic needs so that the remaining centers can be saved.


    1. Asra Jan: Department of Textile Design at the Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, MUET, Jamshoro
    2. Bhai Khan Shar: Department of Textile Design at the Centre of Excellence in Art & Design, MUET, Jamshoro

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    Asra Jan, Bhai Khan Shar, "Block Printing in Sindh, AJRAK and other Contemporaray Products" International Journal of Art, Culture, Design and Language, Vol. 6, Issue 05, PP. 01-10, May 2019.


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