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  • Volume 2020

    ‘Cubs of Caliphate’: Analysis of Children’ Images in ISIS Visual Propaganda
    (International Journal of Media Science Works)

    Vol. 07, Issue 08, PP. 01-07, August 2020
    Keywords: Islamic State, ISIS’ children, Visual Propaganda, children’ images, Terrorism

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    This study investigates the children’s images reflected by ISIS visual propaganda. The qualitative content analysis was conducted on ISIS’ videos aimed at children from 2014 to 2017. The total number of videos analyzed was thirty. This study finds that ISIS’ visual propaganda reflects six main images of children: Child Soldier; Child Executioner; Child Suicide Bomber; Educated Child; Satisfied Child; Child Victim. The study concluded that ISIS brainwashes and desensitizing children to violence to form the character of the ‘jihadi junior’ capable of sniping, fighting, beheading, executing spies and even carrying suicide bombings. ISIS visual propaganda also promotes the image of the child victim, giving itself the legitimacy to respond and take revenge from its ‘enemies.’ Besides, ISIS films innovated in depicting the natural life that children live in the lands under its control; to promote the idea that the ‘land of Caliphate’ is the ideal territory to live.


    Daleen Al Ibrahim, Wuhan University

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    Daleen Al Ibrahim, ‘Cubs of Caliphate’: Analysis of Children’ Images in ISIS Visual Propaganda, International Journal of Media Science Works, Vol. 07, Issue 08, PP. 01-07, August 2020. 



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