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  • Volume 2015

    End to End Monitoring in Oracle Fusion Middleware for Data Verification
    (International Journal of Engineering Works)

    Vol. 2, Issue 4, PP. 54-57, April, 2015
    Keywords: BPEL, Oracle Fusion Middle ware, SOA, SLA, QoS.

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    In large enterprises multiple departments use different sort of information systems and databases according to their needs. These systems are independent and heterogeneous in nature and sharing information or data between these systems is not an easy task. The usage of middleware technologies have made data sharing between systems very easy. However monitoring the exchange of data or information for verification purposes between target and source systems is often complex or impossible for maintenance department due to security or access privileges on target and source systems. In this paper, we are intended to present our experience of an end to end data monitoring approach at middleware level implemented in Oracle BPEL for data verification without any help of monitoring tool.


    Kashif Ali: Telenor Pakistan,


    Usman Javaid: Telenor Paksistan,

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    Kashif Ali, Usman Javaid "End to End Monitoring in Oracle Fusion Middleware for Data Verification"International Journal of Engineering Works, Vol. 2, Issue 4, PP. 54-57, April, 2015.                                                                                    



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