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  • Volume 2019

    Evolution of Mirror Embroidery in Two Villages of Sanghar Sindh
    (International Journal of Art, Culture, Design and Language)

    Vol. 6, Issue 06, PP. 17-23, June 2019
    Keywords: Mirror Embroidery, Stitch, Sanghar, Sindh, Shisha

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    The tradition of mirror embroidery is one of the major features of regional embroideries of Sindh. Several studies on embroideries of Sindh have been conducted but seldom research work has been done, particularly on mirror embroidery. It is in the backdrop of this and owing to the immense richness of embroidery of Sindh this study has been conducted. This study focuses on identifying the lost characters and changes within mirror embroidery, since the past three decades. Having rich traditions in embroidery in lower Sindh, Sanghar District has been chosen as an area of study for this paper. In order to have a closer qualitative study, two villages; Moulvi Khair Muhammad (Bakhoro) and Haji Abdul Karim Laghari (Patti), were mainly surveyed along with some other areas. In this phenomenological investigation, data were collected through interviews, open-ended questionnaire and visual reference. After analysing both textual and visual data, the changes within the following major aspects were evaluated: 1) Materials          2) Techniques       3) Colours            4) Designs              5) Products


    Saba Qayoom Leghari: Centre of Excellence in Arts & Design, MUET Jamshoro

    Bhai Khan Shar: Centre of Excellence in Arts & Design, MUET Jamshoro


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    Saba Qayoom Leghari, Bhai Khan Shar, "Evolution of Mirror Embroidery in Two Villages of Sanghar Sindh" International Journal of Arts, Culture, Design & Language, Vol. 6, Issue 06, PP. 17-23, June 2019.


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