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  • Volume 2019

    Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction towards Mobile Communication Services in Chad
    (International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works)

    Vol. 6, Issue 07, PP. 70-79, July 2019
    Keywords: product quality, service quality, price, brand image, promotion, customer satisfaction

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    With the intense competition among mobile service providers in the telecom market, identifying the factors affecting customer satisfaction has become one of the major concerns for several companies. This study seeks to investigate the factors influencing customer satisfaction towards mobile telecom in Chad. SPSS 19 was used to analyze the questionnaires as well as Pearson’s correlation and multi regression analysis. Both were used to establish the relationship and test the hypotheses between the independent variables (service quality, product quality, price, brand image and promotion) and dependent variables (customer satisfaction). Analysis of survey data from 300 respondents of Chadian mobile telecom firms shows that price, product quality and service quality have a significant effect on customer satisfaction in the Chadian’s mobile communication industry. Promotion and brand image are found not to be the influencing factors of customer satisfaction in the mobile telecom. It is suggested that mobile service providers should develop suitable marketing strategies by taking into consideration all the factors used in this study.


    1. Stephane Pabangou: Department of Business school, Yangzhou University, China
    2. Noimilynn N.F Pigao: Department of Business school, Hohai University, China

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    Stephane Pabangou, Noimilynn N.F. Pigao "Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction towards Mobile Communication Services in Chad" International Journal of Engineering Economics and Management Works, Vol. 6, Issue 07, PP. 70-79, July 2019.


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