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  • Volume 2015

    International Trade and Its Effects on Economic Growth in China
    (International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works)

    Vol. 2, Issue 4, PP. 18-21, April, 2015
    Keywords: International Trade, Economic growth, Exports, Imports, Income

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    The research based on international trade in china’s economic growth in china. Secondary data has been collected in year 2005 to 2014.The main purpose of this study was to examine the significance relationship of international trade with GDP. The study shows that there is a significant relationship of economic growth in china. China is a developing country and also has been developing most rapidly, it is sure that it will become developed country in next year


    Anam Azam  is currently doing Master in Economics from Beijing University of Language and Culture University, Beijing, China (corresponding author to provide phone:0086-13641117142; ; e-mail:

    Fouzia Nazir is doing her Master in Psychology from University of Gujrat, Pakistan.

    Muhammad Rafiq is studying at North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China (e-mail:

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    Anam Azam, Muhammad Rafiq, Fauzia Nazir, "International Trade and Its Effects on Economic Growth in China" International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works, Vol. 2, Issue 4, PP. 18-21, April, 2015. 


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