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  • Volume 2015

    Performance Comparison Study Between Center Pivot Sprinkler and Surface Irrigation System
    (International Journal of Engineering Works)

    Vol. 2, Issue 2, PP. 23-27, Feb. 2015
    Keywords: System performance, crop, center pivot, surface

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    Irrigation methods are significantly affects crop yield. Field experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance of center pivot irrigation system (CPS) and surface irrigation (SI)  system with view to water application efficiency (Ea %), distribution coefficient (Du %), storage efficiency (Es %), coefficient uniformity (Cu %) Scheduling coefficient (Sc %), yield and water use efficiency (WUE) at two projects in the River Nile State (RNS), Sudan during the winter season of 2011-2012. The results showed that the Cu, Du, Ea and Sc % for the CPS were higher than those recorded by SI in the both seasons. Also, results revealed that the yield of wheat and potato under CPS was higher than the SI. The total amounts of water applied under CPS were 9019 (wheat) and 11024 m3 ha-1 (potato), while under the SI were 20000 (wheat) and 22857.6 m3 ha-1 (potato). Technical water use efficiency (TWUE) values for wheat and potato under the CPS system were found to be 1.913, and 0.205, respectively. While the corresponding values under the SI were 0.536, and 0.05, respectively. With careful management, the CPS under the study can produce high irrigation efficiency and high TWUE values, which mean higher crop production of with fewer amounts water applied.  


       Abubaker BM Ali: Hohai University, Nanjing, China, email,, 0086-13512521474

       Amir K Basheer: Hohai University, Nanjing, China, email,, 0086-15996311013

       Nazar A Elshaikh: Hohai University, Nanjing, China, email, 008613913974891

       Mohammad Alhadi: UNESCO water Institute, Norway, email, 004797429948

       Omer A Altayeb: Gezira University, Sudan,, 00249912485544

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    Amir K. Basheer, Abubaker BM. Ali, Nazar A. Elshaikh, Mohammad Alhadi, Omer A. Altayeb, "Performance’s Comparison Study Between Center Pivot Sprinkler and Surface Irrigation System" International Journal of Engineering Works, Vol. 2, Issue 2, PP. 6-10, Feb.  2015.


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