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  • Volume 2017

    QoS Mechanisms in NGN
    (International Journal of Engineering Works)

    Vol. 4, Issue 5, PP. 89-92, May 2017
    Keywords: Quality of service (QOS), Next generation network (NGN), Voice over IP (VOIP), Internet Protocol television (IPTV)

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    Next generation network (NGN) is taking the focus of different service providers because the requirement for the bandwidth has increased and the service providers also wants to offer some other services for their users. Next generation network is not handling the voice and data differently but voice and data are congregated. So this congregation has raised some question on the Quality of service (QOS) in NGN. This paper is the result of survey about the QOS mechanisms in NGN. Different mechanisms have been studied and presented their comparison in this paper.   


    1. Abid Ahmad Darsamand  was born in Hangu 10th March 1992. B.Sc Electrical communication Engineering, University of Engineering And Technology Peshawar, K.P.K Pakistan (2011-2015)Enrolled in MS Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering at UET Peshawar (2016-2018). From 14th June 2013 to 15th Sept 2013 he was an internee engineer at Water and power development authority (WAPDA) Islamabad Pakistan. He was trainee engineer at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) from 6th July 2015 to 2nd October 2015. He was appointed as lecturer at CECOS University Peshawar KPK Pakistan from 2nd April 2016 to 2nd October 2016. 
    2. Muhammad Farooq was born in Charsadda, KPK, Pakistan in 1992. He has done his B.Sc. in 2015 in Electrical Engineering from UET Peshawar, Pakistan. He is also enrolled in M.Sc. Electrical Engineering in UET Peshawar. His Major field of study is communication and electronics.He worked as an INTERNEE ENGINEER in Huawei Pakistan for three months and in PTCL for 6 months. He is currently working as a LECTURER in the Department of Electrical Engineering, UET Peshwar since August 2016. 

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    Muhammad Farooq, Abid Ahmad, Irshad Ullah, "QoS Mechanisms in NGN", International Journal of Engineering Works, Vol. 4, Issue 5, PP. 89-92, May 2017. 


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