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  • Volume 2015

    Stress Management In The Construction Industry-Coping Strategies For Project Managers
    (International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works)

    Vol. 2, Issue 11, PP. 68-74, Nov. 2015
    Keywords: PM (project manager); Stakeholders; Stress; Team members

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    In today’s changing and competitive work environment, stress level is increasing both among team members and PM’s. As a result of this work stress, more and more managers are showing signs of chronic fatigue and burnout. The role of a PM comprises of many areas such as managing people, stakeholders and the expectations of clients. Stress becomes noticeable when the PM fails to manage its role efficiently or get caught up in the enormity of the task, both mentally and physically. The inability of the PM to manage its roles effectively can bring permanent breakdown. In addressing this situation, this paper discusses areas of workstress among project managers, its effects and coping strategies to adopt in a stressful situation.


    Tope Femi Okuntade
    TopFem innovative construction limited

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    Tope Femi Okuntade, "Stress Management In The Construction Industry-Coping Strategies For Project Managers"International Journal of Business, Economics and Management Works, Vol. 2, Issue 11, PP. 68-74, Nov. 2015.


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